New video for ‘Lean Back’

I grew up in a fairly rural part of Ireland. For example, the nearest shop from my house is about a 40 minute walk. It was hardly the most vibrant place in terms of nightlife and things to do as a youngster. So when I was about 15 or 16, for entertainment and a bit of craic, a gang of us in about a 5 mile radius used to cycle around to each other’s houses in the middle of the night and throw stones at each other’s bedroom windows to wake each other up, and we’d rob drink from our parents cabinets (sorry dad!!) and petrol from the lawnmower, and we’d sneak out and go down to this quiet part of the river and we’d light a big fire, get a bit tipsy and go skinny-dipping. There was one mad fecker called Ciaran who used to love to jump off a pretty high bridge into pretty shallow water, never knew how he survived it. Later on we’d all cycle home to our respective homes at day break, change into our school uniforms and head off to school  It’s a wonder I passed any of my exams during the junior cert!  Anyway this song is about that time, the sense of adventure, excitement and escapism. Thank you very much to Helena Doyle for the video :)

New Song



Set for release on the 1st of December, Finlay’s debut single ‘So Hard To Be Happy’, explores the struggle of finding happiness and sincerity amongst the chaos of 21st century life. His vocal delivery on the track is truly something special, blending a clear influence of modern Jamaican Dancehall M.C’s with subtle echoes of some of the great Irish folk singers. There is also the presence of a Zimbabwean instrument called an Mbira which brings a haunting, earthy and unique flavour to the song.